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Welcome to the Audio Design Museum

No gallery space could ever be big enough to capture the creativity of an entire city. That’s why Object is doing away with the concept of a conventional design museum. The city is the exhibition space, and the inhabitants are the story-tellers. Audio guides unfold hotspots of design in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, whilst a collaboration with FBi Radio created a live city-wide design conversation in August 2014.

Audio Design Museum on FBi.

Audio Design Museum

              Michael Davies and Tom Uglow          

Adm Michaela

17 August 2014

Michaela Davies is a multi-disciplinary artist whose interest in EMS (electric muscle stimulation) informs her ground-breaking and thought-provoking work. Presenting Involuntary Bells as part of Sydney Design 2014, Michaela discusses her work with the human body, questions of physical control, therapy, and free will.

Also hear from Tom Uglow, the Creative Director of Google’s Creative Lab, sharing his thoughts about the future of design.

Audio Design Museum - Michaela

              Wearable Experiments          

Adm Ben Moir

18 August 2014

Ben is the founding member of Snepo Research where for the last 8 years he has used
 his diverse knowledge to design systems incorporating new hardware technology and world-class software.

Ben discusses creating a design-thinking-led business, wearable tech, and the future of fashion. Watch Ben in our video from the Design As A Strategy for Growth talk at Object in August.

Audio Design Museum - Ben Moir


              66 Meetups          

Adm 66 MeetUps

19 August 2014

Anna Lise de Lorenzo from ATP Innovations and Bronwyn Ferguson from Karolina York discuss the challenges of running a startup design business in Sydney, getting a foothold, finding a mentor, and insights into collaboration in the creative industry.

Anna Lise organizes 66 MeetUps - an opportunity for creative entrepreneurs to get together and discuss better ways to do business.

Audio Design Museum - 66 MeetUps

              DJ Spooky          

Adm DJ Spooky

20 August 2014

The legendary DJ Spooky chats with FBi’s Stephen Ferris about technology, creativity, and design. The far-ranging discussion covers everything from digital literacy, the expanded concept of the ‘DJ’, how technology has shaped creativity throughout history and continues to influence how we see the future - and even an includes an impromptu set from the maestro himself.

An absolute must-listen.

Audio Design Museum - DJ Spooky


              3D Printing          

Adm 3D Printing

21 August 2014

Object’s own Carrie Mulford joins Dr Miles Park and Dr Brandon Gien in a review of the 3D Printing and Digital Fabrication forum and ask the question whether 3D printing truly is the third industrial revolution.

Will 3D printing transform the way me make things at home, at work and in the manufacturing environment? Or is 3D printing still at an early stage of development as designers, hackers and early adopters still figure out what to do with these digital making tools?

Audio Design Museum - 3D Printing

              Wearable Technology          

Adm Wearable Tech

22 August 2014

Jess Erhart, from digital consulting company Ripple Effect Group, talks about the future of research using wearable technology.

Looking at using the data and information generated from the plethora of consumer health-oriented devices already on the market, Jess is interested in the practical applications for this data at a larger scale and keen to take wearable tech outside of the novelty and health markets, and is joined in the discussion by Object’s Su-wen Leong.

Audio Design Museum - Wearable Tech



Adm Veloscape

24 August 2014

Veloscape: a Curating Cities project designed a data collection tool, the SenseScape device, that gathers geo-location, environmental, biometric and motion data, takes photos at regular intervals and records a cyclist’s vocal commentary as they ride.

Laura Fisher, one of the lead researchers working on Veloscape, is helping to create a new way of looking at the city; a data narrative created through the tracing of the cyclist’s journey through the cityscape.

Audio Design Museum - Veloscape

              Idea Bombing          

Adm Idea Bombing

25 August 2014

John O’Callaghan is an urban planner specialising in social activation, community engagement and new media. He is also the co-founder of Idea Bombing Sydney, a creative meet-up focused on turning ideas into action.

Hosted by Object, the latest Idea Bombing session asked the question “How can we design a better Sydney?” Tune in to hear John discuss some of the ideas that came out of the night.

Audio Design Museum - Idea Bombing






The Audio Design Museum was launched by Object in 2010.

Object acknowledges the support of the Australia Council for the Arts, City of Sydney, The Melbourne and Sydney Design Guides for their contribution to these projects, as well as Artisan through Creative Sparks, a joint initiative of Brisbane City Council and the Queensland Government.

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