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Object magazine 62 — Cinnamon Lee

Cinnamon Lee began her metalsmithing journey at a TAFE course in Sydney, falling in love with the workshop and the process of manipulating metals into jewellery. However, a lighting project rounded out that course, and set her off on another path, one that took her to Canberra for her undergraduate degree in order that she could begin to work with larger objects.

Through her entire undergraduate degree in silver- and gold-smithing, Lee created only lights. But she is not interested in pursuing a career in mass-produced lamps for general consumption — she is attracted to what she terms ‘preciousness.’ Indeed, this is where she draws the connection between her lighting practice and her jewellery (which she has returned to since her undergraduate studies.) Lee says ‘I’m interested in using the same kind of philosophies that underpin making previous objects for the body, but not making them for the body.’

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In turn, this comes down to a deeper fascination with process, and with pushing the boundaries of what she can and cannot do. ‘It’s trying to achieve a result that is, to a certain extent, new,’ she says. ‘But also that you can’t do a different way.’

Lee’s pursuit of knowledge fed into a Masters of Philosophy in Visual Art, acquired after returning to Canberra to teach. She looked at the use of new lighting technologies in a decorative sense within the context of metalsmithing, applying that philosophy of precious objects not for the body.

Object Eye is previewing Object magazine issue 62 over coming weeks. To continue reading about Cinnamon Lee, her practice, philosophy, and interactive lights, download the free app for iPad or Android tablet, or read the browser-friendly version on this website — click here to find out how. To continue reading previews of this issue, click here.

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